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New Years
The city of lights sparkles in the bay
The city of lights sits in the desert
The city of lights is just out of reach
But we could always go there together
The countdown is just starting
The way your smile lights up your face
The way you wrap your arms around me
The night I held you because you had no one else
The first and last people we saw together were the same
The way your hand feels in mine
The way we heard that he was afraid of us
Talking to each other to calm ourselves down after we were scared
The 93 minutes that were the best of our lives
The harmonization we worked so hard on
Let the balloons fall and let me hold on to you
Neither of us knowing it would be for the last time
The city of lights falls into the bay
The city of lights is swept into the desert
The city of lights is just out of reach
But now I must get there on my own
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Somewhat Damaged
Whatever's on her mind has her smiling
But it's not enough to make me smile back
The letter she received has yellowed with age
And the sentiment I wrote on it isn't felt anymore
Throw this away with the rest of the debris you left behind
Wither away into oblivion as the sun sets
What it was that I needed to tell you has faded on the page
And the ashes fly away on the breeze from the tip of my tongue
Let's see if he can convince me otherwise
Wrap your arms around me one last time before I fade away
Out of your life and into oblivion without you
Remember how it used to be but can never be again
Whatever's on her mind has her smiling
But I still can't smile as much as I'd like to
The letter never arrived at her doorstep
It blew away into oblivion with me as I stepped away from her forever
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Remember the day we looked at the ocean together?
The city of pyramids at our back
Spirals gleaming and catching your eye
The shirt clung close to your skin
You snapped my picture as the wind caught my hair
And flung it across my face
Remember the night when I returned home?
Your friends knew all about it
The walk in the park
The lunch we had had
The day we had spent together and enjoyed
Honored to know that
Remember the month I was near you?
I'm sure that you don't
Ignoring my calls
Making excuses
Shunning me away
I fled from that state without seeing you once
Now we're strangers again
Which is how you want it
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You strangle me
I strangle you back
Then it's gone
The time we had
Is in my grasp
And holding on
I turn my back
From what you are
And what you could have been
To me
I see you
And feel you
You strangle me
I strangle you back
It's the same
As it was last time
The rhythm flows
As I feel it in my bones
I'm not alone
You strangle me
I strangle you back
Then we act like it never happened
And we're best friends again
Then it's gone
The time we had
Is in my grasp
And holding on
I turn my back
From what you are
And what you could have been
To me
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When You Sleep
Somebody once told me
"When you scare somebody, they reveal their true selves"
That night I crouched behind a bush
And jumped out at a woman passing by
Across her face flashed a change
And I saw the face of a corpse standing in front of me
Then her face changed to normal and she scolded me
"Act your age!"
And she walked away
I never saw her again
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The accordion keys will announce my arrival
The waltz will start soon after that
Letting everyone know I've made it back alright
Bottles of wine will be opened
And drank down like it was just water
The roasted turkey and ham set on the table
And the head of the town will look at me
He'll say, "Здравствуйте!"
And ask me how hard it was
And I will reply and tell him it was no trouble
No trouble at all
And he'll ask me how my hands are
I'll hold them to the light to show their calluses
He smiles and nods as the others sit around
Waiting to hear the stories of my travels
And hours have passed and my story has ended
Dozens of eyes stare at me from all directions
Dozens of ears waiting to take-in the end of my story
So I finish it as fast as I can and leave everybody satisfied
And tell them of how I killed every last one
And feel nothing inside for my comrades lost
The head of the town claps me on the shoulder and congra
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Blood Clot
Let my needle numb you and breathe life into you
Back into the part of you that I treasure the most
The part that whispered the words to me
And stunned me into silence but I still let my needle breathe
Know that I wrote with the scalpels on my hands
And carved our names into a tree
And stood back and marveled at the work I'd done
Then wiped my scalpels off on the side of my jeans
So I pulled the needle from my lips and set to work again
And sterilized it over a hot fire
Before injecting myself with what I needed
I felt you in my legs then, after you whispered to me
And I was foolish and felt my legs lock up and stiffen
As soon as I froze my heart was next
Gauze can only do so much
And plaster casts made of nothing were wrapped around me
But I was so young and naive that I didn't care
But I still waited for you to find me after leaving
The scalpels on my hands will help
To sterilize the needles of my lips
And the plaster casts around my legs
Will mend what's broken inside
But the flames
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I can still feel it on my face
The mist that surrounds the memories of you
Let the cold December come
Let me sing about it again to everybody
And I look outside and still expect you to be waiting for me
Another day lost
I'm still waiting for you to come inside
I want to ask you something but I think someone answered already
Drained everything else
Left what I needed here
But it was what I needed four years ago
And it only lasted for a week
What I wanted changed
And I have nothing left again
December used to be my favorite month
Now it'll fall into obscurity again
Maybe I will wait ten more months for something better
And it will be like it was last time
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I'm wrapped in the spiral of myself
The choking grip on my spine tightens
Let it go I tell myself but it won't happen
And the feeling climaxes
In an explosion of color and emotions
And I can feel air seeping into my lungs
Breathe life into me again
My hollow shell is sitting there alone
Next to everything else I left behind for you
I'm wrapped in the spiral of myself
The choking grip on my spine tightens
Let it go I tell myself but it can't happen
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The Magical Pants
I put on these magical pants
And these pants are making me dance
Making me dance all over the place
And then they made me kick your face
And I’m oh so sorry I kicked your face
But, now, it seems, I’m in a race
The pants are making me run quite far
All the way down to the local bar
I run in and yell, “Hey, stop drinking!
Instead, all of your patrons should be thinking!
About these magical pants that I have on.”
But before I can finish I’m already gone
Into the sunset, wearing these pants
These magical pants that made me dance
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Mature content
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1 subject
What I want isn't what I need
And what I want isn't always what I get
And what I want isn't what I really want
But there are times...
Everything I did was never enough
And so we sat and watched words crash around us
And my head was made of stone
I cracked a smile
And the images coerced in my head
The dream I had when I woke up
The one that still keeps me awake
It's enough to make me go back to sleep
And so we sat and watched words crash around us
The same words that will be gone once everybody dies
The flash of genius that she had and I was robbed of
It was enough to make me sink my teeth
The love the images in my head have for me
I've been keeping them in there for a rainy day
And to them I run the world from outside
The casualness of the event is ruined
And my head is made of stone
I crack a smile
And the images coerce in my head
And so we sit and watch words crash around us
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The Song
And all the time I was looking for a reason to write
All of the time it was here in front of my eyes
And I just wasn't looking in the right place
Just hold onto me, She said
And that all of this was a bad dream come true
And the beat went on and on and on
But only in one of our face's did it show
The music played and we swayed to the rhythm
But all the time the bones were creaking in their place
Never let me go, She said
We should watch the sunrise, She said
The last thing we saw before she faded to dust
They were smiling less at us as we swayed to the rhythm
And the sky cracked open and I fell through it in my eyes
The midnight was on the wire of error
And I heard them smiling less
The Sky had nothing to hold on to
And before my own eyes I fell into it...
And the same sun came over the same horizon
And we followed the same routine
And the same thing happened before
And I wish that I could stop
And I know that I can't
And then I fall again
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13,000,000,000 Years
The suit is used to cover up the marks
There are bruises where there were once bites
And I hope that the sands of time erode them away
Back to where they came from
To a place where there's no more of this
And no more of that
And for the next thirteen billion years there's...
Nothing at all left
And for the next 96 seconds nothing will happen
Until the planets crash in on each other
And all is how it's meant to be in the universe
And when there are only 36 seconds left I will
Look at the marks that were left for me
And a smile will cross my face
As I look forward to the rest of my life
And the first thirteen billion years are the hardest
Thirteen billion years of time and nothing
All of it will come to a standstill when I notice it all
Or nothing at all will happen on it's own
Everything I've done won't matter
And I won't know if the end is coming or not
I will not even have enough time to...
Take off the suit covering the marks
The marks that lead back to
Thirteen billion years
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The Only One
These lonely roads I used to walk along are fading away
These empty holes in my mind and my heart are finally becoming whole again
And my courage to go on with my life has returned
You think that everyone has a different story
But, in the end, they're all the same
I feel like mine isn't
The 17 months I lived were a lie
I was held down and blinded by what I could do and achieve
I couldn't think of the right words to let my heart go
And so I was broken apart
"Let's all laugh and cry at the mask he's put on" they screamed.
And I let them
To save myself I was somebody else
I was unfamiliar
And the keepsakes I so cherished were the things that let my heart go
And broke me apart
Was I in love? I was
Was I happy? Sometimes I was
Was I satisfied? The answer was always no
And then it was over
And I was lying on the floor in a thousand broken scattered fragments
And all of this is me repeating myself but the point has to be made
And now I'm put together like a puzzle that couldn't be solved by a
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Tyler King
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Wherever I am at the particular moment that you ask me where I am
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: Rob Sheridan
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Donald Duck|Winnie the Pooh|Jommy|Greg the Mayonaise Man|Senor Burrito
So I just deleted a lot of my older submissions on here; most were just stupid little things I did in Paint 5-or-so years ago that I thought were good, but actually weren't. I also set about editing some of my older "songs" to correct any outward mopey-ness, grammar I felt wasn't up to par, etc. It's kind of long and tedious work, but I feel that it needs to be done since my feelings are constantly changing and my life is gaining more experience, and as I get older and my viewpoints and opinions and just general outlook on life changes, I want that to be reflected in even some of the first things I wrote.
An argument against this could be that they "capture who I was" at that specific time, but I don't really like who I was about 5-or-so years ago (but, hey, who does?): I was the over-emotional 14/15 year-old who listened to Green Day and My Chemical Romance because I thought they were good, dyed my hair black, had some facial piercings, and was border-line emo. I never did anything stupid like cut myself, do any drugs, drink, smoke, etc., but my mindset at the time was very unstable and, as a result, my emotions would change at the snap of a finger from being up and happy to being down and sad.
Whereas the "songs" I tend to write now are (for the most part) very inward and personal to me, the ones I wrote way back when are obviously written by someone who hadn't yet developed ways to mask what he was feeling and was obviously distressed and going through a hard time. Part of this has to do with who my influences at the time were (as previously stated: Green Day and My Chemical Romance), compared to who they are now (The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and Dir en grey being the main three). Anybody can compare the lyrics by Bille-Joe Armstrong and Gerard Way to the ones penned by Robert Smith, Trent Reznor, and Kyo, and they just don't stand up. One last large alteration in my life, compared to then, is that I'm not upset anymore, I'm very, very happy with my life (which is kind of a weird thing for me to say), and, long story short, I just feel that the older work needs to go through some major overhauling and revisions.

If you bothered to read all of this, thank you. And I feel that I'm about to begin writing more than I have in the past couple of years, and it excites me.
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